Space Hulk Flesh Tearers - Librarian

Got to work on the Flesh Tearers, specifically, the librarian. It was nice to get away from the red for a bit.
I went with green for warp-stuff for two reasons. First; too much blue, it wouldn't be noticed. Second; to separate psychic energy from mechanical energy. He still has his fair share of red though.
Next up is the (first) Death Company, half done already!
Until next round.



Ever since I started collecting Cryx, about a year ago, I've had Deathjack lumbering around without paint and unused. So, while I was working on a certain terminator librarian, I put some coats on the big fella too.
When I first built him, I made him bigger, and it looked to odd. A while ago I went back and did some cutting and re-gluing to reduce the proportions. Happy with the new size, he sat about for a while more.
I stayed to a simple palette, like the rest of my helljacks but with a subtly different tone.
He was one hell of a heavy, spikey chunk of metal to paint, but surprisingly fast too.
On the table he is a beast with a potential 5 focus, able to cast spells, take souls, regenerate, and the best helljack stats (so far). Completely worth 12 points.
Until next round.


Kacy - Warwitch Siren

Kacy, recently finished, is the second of my warwitch sirens. The majority of the mini comes from the Anima Tactics range, which has some really nice sculpts with crisp details. The original model was supposed to have a scythe but it was missing from the box, so she sat around in a bitz box for a while. Then I got a second Deneghra which I cannibalized, using the pointing hand and her back spikes. I think she has the Cryxian look.
Now that I have a second warwitch I can field a tier 4 Mortenebra list (which makes me a very happy necromancer). Outside a tier force, simply having two free focus is sweet for any of my casters.
Blighted Gold (from PP) has cut my painting time on 'Cryx gold' in half, no need for that green wash any longer and it covers better. From the start, I knew she would be a redhead and the clothes dark, otherwise I painted her like the other siren.
Until next round, keep painting.


Orrin Midwinter, Rogue Inquisitor

I got this model with a bunch of other Iron Kingdoms minis, intending to add him to the Adventuring Party, until I noticed that a friend had mercenary stat card which looked suspiciously like him. Since he will work for Cryx (and he is a rogue inquisitor) he has been added to my mage corps.
As an Iron Kingdoms mini, he goes by the name of Vahn Oberen, he was a straight forward and quick mini to paint. I tried to keep him bright, without adding more colors to the green tone. I think he turned out ok.
On the table, he hasn't done much yet. His lightning arc was fun but couldn't get through the man'o'wars, and his null field prompted the enemy to kill him quickly. We'll see what happens in future games.
Until next round.


The Ragman

Here is one of the first of my mercenaries to be hired by my Cryxians, the Ragman. He is the merc solo from the Wrath book, one of my purchase goals at GottaCon, and I just really like the model.
He will be a nice addition to my "mage corps", led by the Withershadow combine and usually joined by a skarlock. I can't wait to use him with some mind slaves.
I wanted to paint him in the typical necromancer theme, with dark hues offset by bright green, as per his background. (The fluff is one of the reasons I love the Iron Kingdoms, it is rich enough to make me want to use named characters!) His base has sculpted bricks and waterworks like the Adventuring Party I am painting for rpg purposes.
I finally took the camera out again, so there is a whole backlog of posts incoming, until next round!


The Boss Troll

This year is the year of the troll, and to herald such a grand occasion is the Boss Troll himself; Capt'n Gunbjorn. What is "the year of the troll"? I will try to clarify.
I have made myself a goal to collect a army/faction/gang for each wargaming system I can get my paint-stained fingers on, and with my Cryxians verging upon completion, it is on to Hordes.
Why trolls? Simple; they are a bunch of Scottish monsters with big guns and they are smarter than orks (and look better, imho). Once I saw Mr. Gunbjorn here, everything clicked. Being a quarter Scottish the tartans were already decided upon.
The trolls will have a different feel than most of my other collections, they will be more vibrant with brighter, warmer colors. I decided on swamp/marsh- themed bases, far from civilization. I used a collection of cork, tree trimmings (from wire trees), a skeleton arm and aquarium plant to start. After painting some colored lichen and water effects were added.
I love the way NMM can look, so I have been working on how to get the same effect using metallics and washes. I use both highlighting and selective washes to get the effect. (Tutorial? Yes, one day...) Any brass I wanted to keep dark, so it wasn't mistaken for gold. The other tones were kept similar, greens and browns mostly with a bit of blue and yellow.
I entered the Capt'n in this year's GottaCon painting contest and won first! (His cup is bigger than Fester's.) I was surprised to see an amazing squid-faced bloodgorger in second!? Congrats to all the paintcomp winners this year, they were all spectacular!

Until next round.


GottaCon 2012

Last weekend was GottaCon, the biggest gaming convention on our little island. For the third year the Rabbit Hole was asked to assist with the wargamer's terrain needs, and of course we agreed!
This year saw eight tables of Odin Prime! Each year I endeavor to supply interesting battlefields that inspire tactics and photography in equal measure.
In the past I have heard some great reviews of these battlefields, and this year was no different. Those kind of comments validate the hours spent collecting, building and painting such a massive collection of terrain!
Luckily, I was able to touch up some old beaten buildings as well as finish some of the random bits collecting dust. The week before GottaCon has become my annual cleanup of Odin Prime, lots of dusting and fixin'.
I didn't play on the 40k side this year, but I made sure to do some rounds and have some banter here and there. Hearing how stoked the generals are to wage war on my planet was awesome!
So the offer is up; running a tournament? Need terrain? Just call me, would be happy to oblige!
Steamtown made its convention debut, being set up for the WarmaHordes side of things...
...and then borrowed for some Malifaux action!
Sadly, I forgot to take pics most of the weekend, so much going on! But here are a few choice shots I did think to take.
I saw this skaven horde, my jaw fell off.
Mc Beer, who ran the Apocalypse game, was nice enough to place his massive bridge between Death Mt. and a chaos table.
The battle raged, and I was pulled elsewhere....
Where you ask? To the WarmaHordes doubles tourney.
Sam and I fought some of the meanest (and nicest) Khador/Menoth alliance I've seen. Being relatively new players, we did get ponied by some really nice guys.
I fought furiously in the Steamroller, but my lack of knowledge set me back (who knew that a dwarf could pull my caster around?! Don't trust the short ones....) I also ran in the Highlander, placing 3rd out of 4 (got some loot!) Win or lose, all my games were a blast and not a single bad gamer to be seen. Thanks to Darren for running a great tournament!
Only a couple of shots of the paint competition turned out, like this amazing Land Raider.
This talos was stunning, as were all the enteries. Sadly the shots of the squid-faced gorger didn't turn out, stupid camera...
I was stunned to find out the my Boss Troll not only placed, but won first! Truly it is the year of the troll!

Until next round!