The Boss Troll

This year is the year of the troll, and to herald such a grand occasion is the Boss Troll himself; Capt'n Gunbjorn. What is "the year of the troll"? I will try to clarify.
I have made myself a goal to collect a army/faction/gang for each wargaming system I can get my paint-stained fingers on, and with my Cryxians verging upon completion, it is on to Hordes.
Why trolls? Simple; they are a bunch of Scottish monsters with big guns and they are smarter than orks (and look better, imho). Once I saw Mr. Gunbjorn here, everything clicked. Being a quarter Scottish the tartans were already decided upon.
The trolls will have a different feel than most of my other collections, they will be more vibrant with brighter, warmer colors. I decided on swamp/marsh- themed bases, far from civilization. I used a collection of cork, tree trimmings (from wire trees), a skeleton arm and aquarium plant to start. After painting some colored lichen and water effects were added.
I love the way NMM can look, so I have been working on how to get the same effect using metallics and washes. I use both highlighting and selective washes to get the effect. (Tutorial? Yes, one day...) Any brass I wanted to keep dark, so it wasn't mistaken for gold. The other tones were kept similar, greens and browns mostly with a bit of blue and yellow.
I entered the Capt'n in this year's GottaCon painting contest and won first! (His cup is bigger than Fester's.) I was surprised to see an amazing squid-faced bloodgorger in second!? Congrats to all the paintcomp winners this year, they were all spectacular!

Until next round.
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