The Ragman

Here is one of the first of my mercenaries to be hired by my Cryxians, the Ragman. He is the merc solo from the Wrath book, one of my purchase goals at GottaCon, and I just really like the model.
He will be a nice addition to my "mage corps", led by the Withershadow combine and usually joined by a skarlock. I can't wait to use him with some mind slaves.
I wanted to paint him in the typical necromancer theme, with dark hues offset by bright green, as per his background. (The fluff is one of the reasons I love the Iron Kingdoms, it is rich enough to make me want to use named characters!) His base has sculpted bricks and waterworks like the Adventuring Party I am painting for rpg purposes.
I finally took the camera out again, so there is a whole backlog of posts incoming, until next round!
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