Kacy - Warwitch Siren

Kacy, recently finished, is the second of my warwitch sirens. The majority of the mini comes from the Anima Tactics range, which has some really nice sculpts with crisp details. The original model was supposed to have a scythe but it was missing from the box, so she sat around in a bitz box for a while. Then I got a second Deneghra which I cannibalized, using the pointing hand and her back spikes. I think she has the Cryxian look.
Now that I have a second warwitch I can field a tier 4 Mortenebra list (which makes me a very happy necromancer). Outside a tier force, simply having two free focus is sweet for any of my casters.
Blighted Gold (from PP) has cut my painting time on 'Cryx gold' in half, no need for that green wash any longer and it covers better. From the start, I knew she would be a redhead and the clothes dark, otherwise I painted her like the other siren.
Until next round, keep painting.
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