Gustius, Hellcannon of Tzeentch

 All hail the magical bird-god!  Some time ago, a large portion of chaos followers came into my possession (and the space-elves flew off elsewhere).  Amid the pile of random plastic and metal was this hefty pewter monstrosity.
 My chaos lord, Tzaanateclis, was very keen to have a hellcannon in his possession so he took his horde into the frozen wastes to seek out the chaos dwarves.  He met them upon the field of battle and as he emerged victorious he demanded a hellcannon made.
 The daemon Gustius was summoned and bound by the dwarves' fell magiks, at the cost of many more lives.  Gustius, and a crew of chaos dwarf engeneers, was gifted to Lord Tzaanateclis.  Appeased, the horde moved on to seek more battles.
 Gustius was painted similar to the rest of the horde, with blues and gold.  Black was used on the majority of the metal to make the steel show brighter.  The steel was also done different to the usual way; boltgun metal, devlan mud wash (lower areas) and thrakka green (upper surfaces).
 The flames and skulls were originally going to glowing blue, then I thought that adding some green would look good after scrolling through blogger.  It turned out well, I think.
 The beasty was already glued to a movement tray, which was a great idea, so I based around where the crew would go.  Chains, a pile of skulls, cork, textured plasticard, and a Khemri banner rounded the whole thing off.
 Of course, no artillery/monster would be complete without the crew, and face it, chaos dwarves are awesome!
Until next round...


Hey Marshal!!

 Here's another dire troll, this time a blitzer.  (I promise to post some non-troll content soon...)  I like the blitzer, it just makes sense to strap a gun on top of a dire troll....stop looking at me like that...
 Most of my trolls still need mossy bits on their bases, but are otherwise done.  This year is the Year of the Troll (as you might have heard earlier) and these blue dudes are getting ready for GottaCon's doubles and team tournaments.
 Marshal gets a blue kilt, like Gunnbjorn's, marking him as part of the shooty kriel. On top, is Doody, with a strip of the same kilt as a scarf.
 I hope you like him...
 Until next round...


Sparky, Troll on Fire

 The pyre troll is an interesting one and arguably the best light beast in the faction.  Whenever I make a troll list I try to include Sparky, and now with the new sculpt out, I might get two.  He's a must against those dirty blighters and Menites.
 I'm not a big fan of the spitting fireball thing, I'll likely use it for a animus token, but I did sculpt extra fire on his hands and shoulders.  In my experience, more fire equals more fun!
 Sparky was painted in the same fashion as the others, with a purple wash on the skin instead of blue and an additional black wash n the metal.  The flames were done green as more of a swamp gas than regular fire (like on Marshal).  The inside mouth was done with a tentacle pink (p3) washed with leviathan, and I'm quite happy with the contrast.
More posts shortly!
Until next round....


Adrock, Fellcaller

 One of the main reasons I picked up trollbloods is their character models, and nothing says trollbloods like a fellcaller!  In case you don't know, a fellcaller is a trollkin hero who inspires his kin and kills his foes by yelling loudly.  (He's also pretty good with his swords).
 The model itself is pretty straight forward, with separate hands and digeridoo, but is packed with details like runes and buckles.  Since this guy is pretty important, he gets a second layer of cork to stand on as well as a snake.
 The red kilts are for the fellcallers (of which I will be collecting all of them), and signifying that they are from Grissel's kriel.
Until next round!


Dr Dre, Superdope Beatmaker

 My blog needs more troll posts, so here's Andre the bomber.
 The bomber isn't just a pretty face.  Someone decided that giving a dire troll explosives was a good idea, and I'm inclined to agree.  In a Gunnbjorn list he gets to drop two high-pow and large aoe hits a turn.
 The blue skintone was done the same as Gunnbjorn.  I started with shadow grey, 50/50 shadow/space wolf mix, blue wash, and more mix.  The pinker hands and belly is a final highlight with watered down elf flesh.  (mmmm....tasty elf flesh...)
 Being a shooty troll, Andre wears a blue tartan.  Painting plaid is slightly easier than diamonds, slightly.
 Being a plastic kit was nice, as the whole thing went together well, and he doesn't fall over and crush things.  There was just the usual troll neck-gap and minor flash.  I also found a pack of snakes who will be sprinkled across the army.
Until next round, be well.


Space Hulk Flesh Tearers - Sanguine Terminator

 Flesh Tearer progress continues with another cool conversion; the Sanguinary Priest.  Like the other medics, he gets a shiny white suit of armour.
 I really like the toolfist....
 I noticed as I was going through the pics that some of them still need heraldry on their hip-guards.  Will fix that soon...
Three more termies are on the bench, box 1 is filling up....until next round!


A New Nightmare - WIP

 I originally picked up a Cryx helljack to make Malice from, but I got a better idea.  This left me with a spare helljack, so I decided to convert a plastic Nightmare.  Not that there is anything wrong with the stock model (I have plans for that mini) but it wasn't scary-ghost-robot enough.
 A quick dig through the bitz boxes unearthed some large dark eldar blades, talos tails, daemon horns, and the spikes from the Anima mini I made into a warwitch.  Since I envisioned him as a mini wraith engine, I did away with the legs, using the helldriver as a tail.  The dark eldar blades replaced his claws, as he has "wicked claws" with reach.
 Like most of my minis, he got a fancy base with a nice chunk of cork to stick the pin through.  With five pins total, he is a pretty stable mini.  The metal spikes are glued into holes drilled into the shoulders, instead of trying to make a hole in the spikes, which worked extremely well.
Until next round, be well.


Space Hulk Flesh Tearers - Chaplain

 I really enjoyed this mini, although I am a fan of chaplains.  He was sent to me as part of the Flesh Tearers project, already converted!  All that was left was to give him a fitting paint job.
 Black armour, a scattering of dark red, and a marble crozius. Check.
Until next round, keep painting!


Flesh Tearers - Librarian Dreadnought

 Now that the relocation is over, it's time to catch up on painting, and blogging! First up, the Flesh Tearers' librarian dreadnought.
 He got all done up in blue, akin to his terminator brother.
 I like the look of the force weapon conversion, I think it gives him a fist, of sorts.
More to come, until next round.


Nightwretches - Boom and Drang

 Here are a couple of chickenjacks fresh out of Hellzforge.  These are the Nightwretch variant, sporting a short-ranged, but decent POW, possibly blast gun.  Just give one to a warwitch siren and you're good to go.  And I can run a tier four Denehgra list now...
 These two were originally Deathrippers from the starter box, but since I had the cards from the Cryx deck, some simple conversion was needed.  They were assembled properly, except the lower jaw.  Two plastic tubes form the gun and are mounted in the 'chin', which is made with putty.  The two big teeth were removed from the jaw and attached to the sides, because it looked cool.
Until next round, be well.


Flesh Tearers - Chaplain Dreadnought

 This is the first of two dreadnoughts for the Flesh Tearers, a chaplain.  I really like painting dreads, so when this guy showed up, I couldn't keep my brush off him.
 I tied to keep lots of red on the hull, which is very similar to the Death Co., which keeps it from looking like a big black block.  It is also similar to the old color schemes for the chaplains and librarians which still have their chapter colors displayed prominently.  The librarian dreadnought will look something like this, but with blue.
 The base is pre-molded, and rather simple, so some stripes were added to spice it up.  The arms are also kept separate, to be glued at the client's leisure.
Halfway through the second (libby) and tackling the second land raider, until next round.