Flesh Tearers - Chaplain Dreadnought

 This is the first of two dreadnoughts for the Flesh Tearers, a chaplain.  I really like painting dreads, so when this guy showed up, I couldn't keep my brush off him.
 I tied to keep lots of red on the hull, which is very similar to the Death Co., which keeps it from looking like a big black block.  It is also similar to the old color schemes for the chaplains and librarians which still have their chapter colors displayed prominently.  The librarian dreadnought will look something like this, but with blue.
 The base is pre-molded, and rather simple, so some stripes were added to spice it up.  The arms are also kept separate, to be glued at the client's leisure.
Halfway through the second (libby) and tackling the second land raider, until next round.
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