The Unkind Doctor

 The Kabal of the Unkind (very) slowly grows.  One of the newest additions is the Haemonculis Ancient, Ulycis.
 He was made from the standard mini, with arm swaps (talos kit) and a head swap (venom kit).  There are a couple extra vials added (from the talos kit as well).  I liked the mini, but not the hugging....
 This was the first finecast I have fully painted and I still prefer metal.  There was only one big bubble, which I may yet still fix, and nothing else wrong with it, just the weight.  It doesn't feel like a model to the hand, it feels too light.
 I continued with the electric blue color, with the addition of some lighter green and purple skin tone.  I selected the accent colors (green, purple, turquoise) because they were part blue themselves and keep a cohesive look.
My apologies for the bout of silence on the blogosphere, it happens.  The good part is that I have a ton of posts on the way, stay tuned.

Until next round...
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