The Shadow of Death

 I picked this guy up on a whim.  The poor fella was lurking in a CCG store, surrounded by MTG and Pokemon, I had to save him.  It was that and my complete inability to resist awesome undead minis.  And it was about time I had a tank-caster.
 What is there to say about Terminus?  He is a huge model, and full of awesome details, like the puffy sleeves and interesting vents.  Assembly was a pain in the @$$.  The sculptors did try to make things a little easier, with bits that are supposed to fit, but needed putty and pins anyways.  Painting the monster was just as finicky, between the weight (he weighs a ton) and the inside/under details.  Once he was done, it was totally worth the trouble.
 I have used him a couple times on the table, and he is a beast.  With a useful feat (all your souls are belong to me) he can be running around with over 20 ARM, not bad.  His true power lies in Shadow of Death, which gives all undead near him (including him) tough.  And guess what, the wraith engine is undead, mull that over for a second...
I'm off to the forest for artistic endeavors, so I will return next week revived!
Until next round, roll well!
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