Guild - Some Boomstick

 Freshly broken out of the asylum, Papa Loco joins my crew.  I have used him, with much success, as an explosive missile sent at the nasty-looking part of my opponent's crew.  He often takes point.  This completes the first stage of my Guild crew...almost.
 I saved him for last, with my ambition to work on him low, until I started putting paint to metal.  He has an orange straightjacket, I pictured him being criminally insane and bailed out (recently) by the rest of the family.  He stands out in the crew, but I think it works.
 Not sure why he has a gun since he isn't armed with one...
Until next round, may fate be kind.


BoE - Nemisis Daemon

 B'hai-Khanne, Dread-daemon of the Brothers of Edam.
 I finally got around to dusting off and finishing the Dreadknight conversion!  This model was a ton of fun to paint once the large areas were done.  I am a sucker for details, so there is a bunch of freehand mixed in to liven him up.
 In theory, I could use him as either a Dreadknight or a greater daemon (codex dependant), but it seems very unlikely that I will have a full army of these guys anytime soon.  This was mostly a hobby project to taint the purity out of a grey knight mini.
 I am pretty pleased with the final result, between the scale, heresy and a pleasing colour palette.  It is not seamless, but it looks the part!
Until next round, keep painting!


Flesh Tearers - Box 1

 At long last, "Box 1" is ready to be shipped out.  Consisting of two land raiders, death company, an assault squad, two dreadnoughts, space hulk tokens, and a bunch of space hulk terminators. A lot of stuff fits into one KR case!
 On a side note, those KR cases are really nice, especially the metal one.  It is solid (it feels almost invincible) and has a lot of room.  Tempted to order one for my puppets...
 This is the first batch of models I am sending out, which is a mixed bag of feelings.  On one hand I will miss the little red guys, but there is also a great sense of achievement in the completion.  I'm told more marines are incoming, to fill the other box and I am preparing for round two!
Until next round, be well!

The Unkind - With Hook and Blade

 Some dark eldar have been doing time on the painting desk lately, like this venom.  It gets to ferry around one of the warrior squads and provide them with some fire support.
 I like how they stayed close to the vyper's look, with extra blades.  On this one I tried out some osl on the guns and engine.
 It is a fun model to take pictures of too!
 I wasn't too keen on the extra dudes hanging on to the sides, and the transport area looks a little small.  I still like the space-chariot feel though.
 Until next round...
...be well.


Witch Hunters - Burn It With Fire!

 The next squad along the shelf is the dominions.  These are my go-to girls, armed with plenty of melta, they are often tasked with annihilating the hardest threat on the table.
 This squad is often the first to be martyred, but they usually get the job done the turn before.

 I usually run the immolator with the twin heavy flamers to clear some of the enemy's troops out, but it can be fitted with the twin bolters or meltas. 

 Until next round...
...be well.


Trolls - Gun Number Two

Every Gunbjorn list needs two of these, so here is a second troll gun for the lines.  This one got to keep the whelp!
 Some of the colours are switched around, but not enough to break the military look of the Boss troll's force.  Painting the armour camo green helps too.
 It was slightly difficult to position both the gun and gunner on the large base.  Luckily I had the forethought to paint them separately, gluing the thumper on after.
 As I post these pics, I'm noticing I forgot to touch up his spy glass...d'oh.
Until next round, be well and make saves.


Guild - Lead Rain

 Another Ortega gets finished, Santiago, leaving only Papa Loco left.  I think this mini came out well, even though it was kind of lacklustre compared to the previous ones.  The pose is fine, it contains enough motion, but I'm left feeling like there is something missing.  That answers why he was at the end of the painting list.
 For some strange reason, all of the coat-wearing Ortegas have patches on their trenches.  Same spot, same size.  Can anyone explain this at all? Seems odd is all.
Well, until next round....


Witch Hunters - First Battle Squad

 There are a lot of models in the cases that haven't been blogged, like the Daughters of Odin.  The Daughters are(were) my main Inquisition army, there is something about burning your foes with righteous fire that makes me happy.
 This army started many years ago and it has been touched up a couple of times.  Once, at Conflict Vancouver, they made the final cut for best in show and have made appearances at some smaller tournaments.
 This army was my fist adventure into putty molds.  Most of the skulls and many of the purity seals are cloned from other minis.  I made a set of Inquisition bling that is spread around from Inquisitor and Sisters bits.
 Additional bitz, like the shield guards, came from Bretonian and space marine kits.  Having a metal army doesn't lend well to conversions.

 To stand out from all the black and drab of the rest of my Imperials, I chose a bright turquoise contrasted by dark purple.  I am glad I did, these girls stand out on any tabletop.

 This squad's rhino got some extra armour treatment, in the form of slab armour with some cloned bling and seals.
 The turret was an extra from the Immolator sprue, but it fits nicely in the razorback turret mount.
I'm dusting off and taking pictures of the whole army, so more to come!!  Until next round, be well.