Flesh Tearers - Box 1

 At long last, "Box 1" is ready to be shipped out.  Consisting of two land raiders, death company, an assault squad, two dreadnoughts, space hulk tokens, and a bunch of space hulk terminators. A lot of stuff fits into one KR case!
 On a side note, those KR cases are really nice, especially the metal one.  It is solid (it feels almost invincible) and has a lot of room.  Tempted to order one for my puppets...
 This is the first batch of models I am sending out, which is a mixed bag of feelings.  On one hand I will miss the little red guys, but there is also a great sense of achievement in the completion.  I'm told more marines are incoming, to fill the other box and I am preparing for round two!
Until next round, be well!
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