Trolls - With Machine Guns

I think it is a great idea, giving a bunch of drunk trolls machine guns.  What could possibly go wrong?  Besides being a bunch of cool minis, they are perfect for Gunbjorn's list.
 If they stay still they get extra shots, making snipe one of their favourite spells.  Although, a rock wall often helps too.
 These guys got painted pretty fast.  With all kinds of little details and layers it was hard to keep the paintbrush off them.  It was almost like they wanted to be painted.
 One each of them I added a bracer so I could mark their squad badge and identification symbol.  All the squad leaders are signified by an 'x', and being multi-wound models, it corresponds to a mark on the stat card.  This makes life much easier in the middle of combat.
They all got blue kilts, being part of the boss troll's kreil.
 The only downside of this unit is the variation of sculpts.  There is the leader and two others, which you get two of.  None of the models are multipart or lend themselves to conversions.  This means you get two sets of twins.  This is often the case with PP, which is too bad given the quality of the models.
 On to the rest of the squad...
Until next round, be well.
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