BoE - Nemisis Daemon

 B'hai-Khanne, Dread-daemon of the Brothers of Edam.
 I finally got around to dusting off and finishing the Dreadknight conversion!  This model was a ton of fun to paint once the large areas were done.  I am a sucker for details, so there is a bunch of freehand mixed in to liven him up.
 In theory, I could use him as either a Dreadknight or a greater daemon (codex dependant), but it seems very unlikely that I will have a full army of these guys anytime soon.  This was mostly a hobby project to taint the purity out of a grey knight mini.
 I am pretty pleased with the final result, between the scale, heresy and a pleasing colour palette.  It is not seamless, but it looks the part!
Until next round, keep painting!
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