Guild - Gunslinger Construct

This is my brutal effigy; Alfa Trion.  I picked him up because he fit my aesthetic, later to find that he fits a much needed role in melee.
 The sculpt was pretty decent, except for the coffin which had a nasty mold line across the wood grain on the sides.  Being a three-piece mini he was simple to assemble.
 His lamp allowed me to play with some osl, which was painted green to match the crystals.  I am pretty happy with the glow which I made a crescent shape as no light is spilling from the bottom.
 When I fist picked him up I thought he had two legs, then when I assembled him I counted three and named him.  While painting, I spotted a fourth foot, Wyrd minis indeed...
Until next round, be well and keep the violence on the table.
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