Witch Hunters - First Battle Squad

 There are a lot of models in the cases that haven't been blogged, like the Daughters of Odin.  The Daughters are(were) my main Inquisition army, there is something about burning your foes with righteous fire that makes me happy.
 This army started many years ago and it has been touched up a couple of times.  Once, at Conflict Vancouver, they made the final cut for best in show and have made appearances at some smaller tournaments.
 This army was my fist adventure into putty molds.  Most of the skulls and many of the purity seals are cloned from other minis.  I made a set of Inquisition bling that is spread around from Inquisitor and Sisters bits.
 Additional bitz, like the shield guards, came from Bretonian and space marine kits.  Having a metal army doesn't lend well to conversions.

 To stand out from all the black and drab of the rest of my Imperials, I chose a bright turquoise contrasted by dark purple.  I am glad I did, these girls stand out on any tabletop.

 This squad's rhino got some extra armour treatment, in the form of slab armour with some cloned bling and seals.
 The turret was an extra from the Immolator sprue, but it fits nicely in the razorback turret mount.
I'm dusting off and taking pictures of the whole army, so more to come!!  Until next round, be well.
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