Sparky, Troll on Fire

 The pyre troll is an interesting one and arguably the best light beast in the faction.  Whenever I make a troll list I try to include Sparky, and now with the new sculpt out, I might get two.  He's a must against those dirty blighters and Menites.
 I'm not a big fan of the spitting fireball thing, I'll likely use it for a animus token, but I did sculpt extra fire on his hands and shoulders.  In my experience, more fire equals more fun!
 Sparky was painted in the same fashion as the others, with a purple wash on the skin instead of blue and an additional black wash n the metal.  The flames were done green as more of a swamp gas than regular fire (like on Marshal).  The inside mouth was done with a tentacle pink (p3) washed with leviathan, and I'm quite happy with the contrast.
More posts shortly!
Until next round....
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