Dr Dre, Superdope Beatmaker

 My blog needs more troll posts, so here's Andre the bomber.
 The bomber isn't just a pretty face.  Someone decided that giving a dire troll explosives was a good idea, and I'm inclined to agree.  In a Gunnbjorn list he gets to drop two high-pow and large aoe hits a turn.
 The blue skintone was done the same as Gunnbjorn.  I started with shadow grey, 50/50 shadow/space wolf mix, blue wash, and more mix.  The pinker hands and belly is a final highlight with watered down elf flesh.  (mmmm....tasty elf flesh...)
 Being a shooty troll, Andre wears a blue tartan.  Painting plaid is slightly easier than diamonds, slightly.
 Being a plastic kit was nice, as the whole thing went together well, and he doesn't fall over and crush things.  There was just the usual troll neck-gap and minor flash.  I also found a pack of snakes who will be sprinkled across the army.
Until next round, be well.
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