Death Mountain (2)

Death Mountain, Day Two.
Particulars are being put in place. The orbital laser and door specifically.
There are a few areas where the foam is still too square, they get marked off and cut.

The lower bunker's floor is extended with textured plastic, that good stuff with the grids. Other areas were marked for rubble deposits (I use arrows for where to cut, and exes for rubble, so as not to get confused.)
Some plasticard is added to cover up the edges, but not where the rubble is going. A plastic rod is sliced into thin pieces and used for rivets. I find that anything can be made to look 40kish with the addition of rivets
Rubble is added from the scrap foam to the gaps and open spaces. All through the rubble process it is good to keep in mind that models need to fit, get in combat and other shenanigans, while keeping it defensible.
Soon it will be ready for paint :)
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