Operation Looming Peacock

-What is our destination Seer?-
-That large black box.-
There was a noticeable psychic murmur, -the Box? We are taking the whole armada into the Box?-
-The Seer wants our assistance on a very distant world.- Seer Nivek raised he volume of his mind to encompass the host. -As you know, we are to meet the Wolframs again, not to kill them but to help.-
-Let the mon-keigh die.- -This is folly.- -They reek of the taint.-
-Silence!- Even the spirit stones quieted, -we will kill the ork, the daemon and any of their traitor's filth. But this day we are the Wolfram's allies.- Nivek paused, -and don't tell Autarch Jaher...he will be pissed.-

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