Warp Wednesday Two: 100 Happy Guardsmen

Welcome to the second Warp Wednesday. This issue is about planetary defense. My planet is named Odin Primary, an industialized world with a heavy Inquisitorial presence. With the Planetstrike book out, I decided it was time I bolster my defenses.

The Odin planetary Defense Force (or simply the OPDF) is a collection of models from many ranges including Necromunda, Mordenhiem, all Imperial Guard ranges and some other stuff. The army is a infantry heavy army with few upgrades, the only vehicles are for support. The army is relying on artilery as it grows.

The fortress itself (Sector IV-XX) is made from two bastions and the door and floor sections from a sanctum imperialis. With the bitz left over, I made a few strategems. The power generator is made from four bastion corners, cut down lamps and some of the command post bitz (seen with the snipers). A void shield generator was made from the a command post turret base, two eagles (from the sanctum) and inverted lamps (seen on the first level of the fortress). A godhammer lascannon was found, then mounted upon two of the turret bases and a till tape roll. Fido, a ballistic missle pod, was made from a SM dreadnought`s missle launcher and a bastion lascannon.

My favorate part of Sector IV-XX is the barracades. They are cut from plasicard, with crochet net on top of the raised platform (cavalry bases), and supported with gas cans and ammo. I made six feet of them for almost free.

The other item of note is the objective markers, they are the brass statues standing on stone. These were the easiest markers to make that I own.

There are a couple of strange looking tanks here and there, I will explain. The big square one with the dozer blade is a ragnarok made for me by a friend. The even bigger one is a half-scratch super heavy I call a Ciaphas Vanquisher, basically a banablade without the bane.

The little one (that looks like a truck, last picture) is my version of a centaur with armored crew compartment. the centaur is my favorate scratch built tank (I might spotlight it one day). The centaur is attatched to a thudd gun, which was given to me, it is one of the old metal ones, now that I know how to scratch build better I might make two more with centaurs.

Well, that concludes this issue. I hope you enjoyed it.

Ricalope, SL.
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