The Ruins of Alasraph (Battle Report)

The exodites of Odin Prime endeavored upon a scouting mission in the jungle of the Belt. Upon reaching the ruins of Alasraph, and ancient place of worship, tears in realspace began to open. The autriarch, with a squad of guardians approached from the right with a wraithlord, and on the left a falcon and vyper made their way towards the pathfinders.

As the daemons began spilling forth the eldar made their way to their positions. Sevorinia made her way to the pathfinders as pink whores appeared, torching a few guardians. The guardians and wraithlord returned fire, killing some, while the rangers were killed by the daemon princess.

The rest of the deamon horde came through, as they did guardians and the vyper were burned with magical fire. In response, a farseer and five warlocks disambarked from the falcon to wash the daemonettes with psyker flame (killing 8!). On the right flank Tzeenchian fire was traded for shriukens and plasma.

The falcon began hunting Sevorinia, who in turn began chasing it. The remaining two daemonettes and Kelly & Bee (the Slaaneshi herald) assaulted the seer council, who defeated the depraved deamons with only three lost warlocks. On the right flank the two forces closed, the furies assaulting the autarch and remaining warlock, and the wraithlord assaulting the whores.

The falcon was immobilized yet was able to deliver the final wounds upon the deamon princess. The autarch slew the final whore, survived the fires from the last flamer, then attempted to banish it in close combat. The wraithlord took his time getting rid of the whores.

When the dust settled, There was one lone flamer on the board, and a few eldar with anger management classes to go to.

Ricalope, SL.
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