A Guy With A Hammer

Hello again,
I was intending to enter a painting contest for the Scheffeild Irregulars, and had four days to build and complete a winter themed model. I selected a Warmachine model from the Khador range. This would be the last model from a previous commission for a friend of mine. As I have already painted the rest of his army the color scheme would be easy, what was not easy was the conversion.

It had been a while since I assembled a Warmachine model, and forgot that they need either pins, putty or both to hold together. In addition, being metal models, difficult to carve helmets out of. This chap would be some kind of unit leader I suppose, with his hat and non-regulation weapon.

So, I had four days, assembled on the first day, it was off to a good start. Then I slacked off too long, he was finished two days late. On the good side, a good friend has a cool model, and I learned how to apply snow better (thanks here).

Ricalope, SL.

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