Brood Infex (Warriors WIP)

With 11 hormagaunts and 5 rippers finished (and Frankie on the way), I needed some synapse. I have always liked the tyranid warriors ever since I first saw them, therefore my swarm will have a few of these guys. These three are the ones who get to stand behind the smaller ones, shooting at stuff and holding the line.

Yes, I know, warriors can't have feeder tendrils, but I like converting them ;p I count them as flesh hooks. Using guitar wire is rather easy and effective, and the plastic beads work well for the larger puss bubbles, (the hooks on the flesh hooks are from a very unfortunate genestealer).

This brood was also an experiment on working with the warriors themselves. I plan to make tyrant guard, ravenors, lictors, and possibly a couple of zoanthropes out of the warrior box.

Oh yeah, the third fellow (with the head), he is the "synapse node" of the brood. This has no real effect on game, just fluff, and I think it looks cool.

See you Wednesday!
Ricalope, SL.
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