Slaughter at the River

The eldar began with the jetbikes turbo-boosting up the river while the warwalker took aim at the land raider.
The marines deployed scouts on the factory gantry, enabling them to get line of sight on most of the table.
The terminators spot the scorpions lurking in the water and keep them under fire.
The scorpions sneak forward, intent on killing some marines.
The jetbikes get into range of the scouts, and antagonize the dreadnought.
The left flank of the eldar advance towards the terminators, drawing the attention of the landraider.
The jetbikes give the scouts more ninja stars than they can handle, but two persist on the rooftop.
Dire avengers deploy to confront the doomed terminators as the scorpions regroup after taking severe casualties. The warwalker wrecks the landraider, making the tactical squad and chaplain inside very angry.
The dire avengers are assaulted by the tactical marines, chaplain and two surviving terminators.
With the dire avengers and farseer dead, the marines look towards the scorpions.
The jetbikes race toward the left flank hoping for vengeance.
The marines kill all the scorpions with minimal casualties. The last terminators get shot down by the wave serpent.
The jetbikes race past the immobilized warwalker as it destroys the dreadnought.
The scouts, still alive, finally take down the vyper which was harassing them the whole game.

The scenario was an annihilation: marines scored 4 kill points, the eldar 3 kill points. A narrow victory for the marines....this time.....

Ricalope, SL.
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