The Wild Minotaur...

...in their natural habitat. Note how cheerful they look as they skip through the forest.
With the exception of the big plastic guy, they are touched-up and re-based. Being such long-time campaigners, they needed those touch-ups.
KMFDM was kind enough to send me extra swag in my last order, so I did what any reasonable hobbyist would do; make a billboard out of plasticard.The old metal guys have green stuff headdresses and one's got a beak (because, thats why).
The banner...
...and the other side.
The scattering of terrain is 'new' (as in 'sitting-around-forever-until-it-gets-painted-new'). Yup, trees, chaos rocks, a rubble barricade, and a billboard.
Well, until next round, be well.
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