Alfa Wing - Number Five

 And so begins; the Time of Fliers.  This is the first of a squadron of six Imperial Guard aircraft.  Once complete, the squadron will consist of five valkyries and one vulture.  Here is the first one without weathering.
 The colour scheme which was chosen is fairly close to the Elysian scheme with a lot of weathering.  I chose to name them the Alfa Wing because "A" is a lot more interesting (and easier) to paint than zeros.
 I started with number five so I could nail down the colour scheme on a "lesser" valk, which is better than screwing up the command bird.
 All but one of the valkyries were bought second hand and needed some correctional work.  After the build, I have one thing to say to all the hobbyists out there: DO NOT GLUE FLYING STANDS IN WITH HEAPS OF PLASTIC GLUE!!!
 Either way, they are mostly assembled now (just waiting for the missing bits) and one other is ready for paint.
 I also followed the Elysian flight markings, and played around with some freehand aquillas.
 Overall, I like the severely weathered look achieved with the sponging technique.  I might have gone a bit too far with it, but my instructions were to "weather it to sh!t".
 That's it for now, back to my brushes.
Until next round, be well.
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