Trolls - Smash!

 When I was gathering the trolls for GottaCon I realized that there were a few that didn't have their bases finished.  Once the model has all the paint on it I consider it playable, but to be finished the bases needed lichen and water effect.  And it also seems that I have been waiting until after I do this to take pictures and make blog posts.

This is my earthborn dire troll, his name is Snoop.
 I added a flowing trollhawk, I wasn't partial to his baldness, entirely made of greenstuff.  I just twisted some rolls up and bent them when they had cured a bit, then cut the bottoms flat and glued them on.  I might make thinner ones for other big trolls, but this one is good for an earthborn.
 I didn't repose the model, although I was going to at first.  It fits together really well and it isn't the usual punching pose (and he does do a lot of running).  If I get a second one I will repose that, likely mixing it with a regular dire troll kit.
Until next round, be well.
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