GottaCon is Imminent

 The final preparations are in full swing.  All other projects have been pushed to the backburner until Monday.  The trolls are ready and the kilt fits fine.
 Painting competition entries have been chosen, an agonizing process as many of you know, and they all are complete except one...
Updated nWo books are being printed, stacked and stapled.  The adventuring party has received a magnetized tray, complete with bunny.
 And the Iron Arena is complete!  Gaze upon its virgin plain....
 The arena dominates a 4'x4' board, the stone border sits 10" in from the edge (what was kill box at the time...)
 There are rumours that Cryx uses this venue to harvest materiel, I'm not going to say they don't...
 The proper irrigation of the various fluids that are spilled here is essential.  Blood, boilerwater and other liquids are pumped underground to avoid flooding.
 Two large drains sit on either side, filled with goo and stuff.
 The whole thing was painted in the same scheme as Steamtown.  All of the walls and pipe fit in perfectly, but a dedicated table needs more,
 In addition, 14 pieces of terrain were made for modular deployment.  Two metal hills, four walls (cover), four rubble strips (concealment) and four pillars.
 The idea is that before deployment, a player rolls a d3 and adds one for every ten points the game is, this is how many pieces of terrain are placed with the standard terrain placement rules in the book.
 The pillars are for flavour and are not part of the terrain placement stuff.  If both players are cool with it, the pillars can be used by any beast or jack with an open fist.  The pillar adds +4 to melee damage and has knockback (the target gets slammed).  If the jack/beast has two open fists they can throw it; range is half the user's Str, POW 4 (plus user's Str), the pillar is then placed on its side beside the target (scatter for which side).  The pillar can be carried or dropped without spending an action, while picking one up would cost one action.
Until GottaCon...be well...
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