Harold the Mighty

 Here's the latest Cryxian I've finished up; a scavanger bonejack.  It took me a while to get my hands on him due to ordering problems, but a blighted friend picked him up for me.  Friends are cool.
 I posed him in a "you interrupted my meal" stance.  The meal in question is the Khador arm (they are tastey after all, Cankerworm told me so,) which also provides him with some height.  Flying models should always be taller.
 The scavanger is a nasty piece of work.  It seems to work best along with a pistol wraith, here's why.  The scavanger gets extra damage dice against wounded things, so shoot the target with the wraith, and this little bonejack can even finish off a heavy jack (with a focus or two).
Until next round, watch the skies!
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