The Dragon Slayer

 It is no secret, I like liches, so naturally I had to pick up Venethrax.  Besides being a really cool mini, I thought he would help with the Everblight infestation around here.
 Even being an awesome model, it does not lend itself to reposing and he has webbed toes.  I've also noticed that the exhaust vents stick out at a very weird angle, giving me concerns about breakage.
 I have only used his once in a game so far, against Khador, and I still prefer Hellbringer as Venethrax doesn't have any battlegroup-wide spells.  Lamentation is nice, but it seems preferable to Dragon Slayer (as self/upkeep spells only one can be active at a time).  I do like the soul-taker capacity of this guy though, sweet yummy souls!
 Oh, yeah.  He makes corrosion effects not expire....cause that one point of damage makes all the difference...

Until next round!!
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