From the Tuffalo Fields

The dreaded Trollkin Longriders, or more affectionately called, Tuffalo!  If you cast spells on tuffalo do they become buffalo?
 This unit receives my "Most Winning Cavalry" award.  Having a bunch of drunk and scottish trolls is one thing, but having them ride buffalo into battle is terrifying!
 I wasn't happy with the tiny little shields they came with, so I swapped them with some from the Warhammer minotaur unit.  Much improved I think!
 There were also very large neck-gaps, which was ok since I wanted to give them larger shoulders like bison.
 These guys are metal, which makes them pretty heavy.  With only two sculpts (and the two halves of the tuffalo not interchangeable) I am hoping to mix some bits for the rest of the unit.
 Since each model has multiple wounds, the glyph on the facings correspond to ones written on the card, which should make this easier.
 The buffalo I painted like water buffalo because of an awesome song I wrote:
 Water buffalo,
Water buffalo!
Wandering through....his water buffalo fields!

 And since I'm such a lucky guy, Privateer released longriders in a full unit box, which is great!  Except I am two short of a full unit.  This means that I'm going to have to figure out what to do with three extra tuffalo.

Until next round.
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