Let Me Sing You a Song of my People

 For my second troll warlock I picked up Epic Grissel.  In addition to being fluffy, I really liked the mini.  The sculpt was crisp and packed with detail, and in my opinion, one of the most commanding warlock poses in Hordes.
 She has earned the nickname Mrs Dash, due to that being the only consistently used spell.  With all the pathfinders around, inhospitable ground is...meh.  She should have been given hex bolt instead of her ranged spell, because compared to her fell calls it almost pointless.  Her fell calls are her best feature, I often yell things to death which is quite satisfying.  Her feat can be useful, granting unyielding and hyper aggressive, but a canny opponent can pull your trolls where they shouldn't be.
 I painted her like Adrock and Boomhowler, the 'fell caller palette', with bronze armour and a red tartan.  Her scarf is a purple tartan, a nod to the great Samalander for buying her for Ricalope Day.
Hope you like her, until next round!
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