Sorry About the Silence

This time of year is about bunnies, and eggs! I got some dollar-store eggs and sculpting clay and began making some bug terrain. I glued egg halves to the bases, made "snakes" of clam out of clay and pushed them on, poking holes here and there.
In addition I decided to assemble my chapel (from the Shrine of the Aquilla) and two more pieces of industrial terrain.
"Platformer" bitz, a scale rail water towers and a couple extra bitz from the bastion kits, make them small and simple, but still provide cover.
But what has been taking up the most of my hobby time is this little fellow. For those of you who do not know, he is a Cryxian scrap thrall. Usually the hardest step for me is figuring out a colour scheme for an army. The pic is a little crappy, but you get the idea, what do you think?
Sorry about the last of posts this week, but the internet guys found out I am a pirate...arrgh!

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