This Week on the Front Line

(Photo by Lords Baine and Imogene Bailey.)

I had the chance to play a couple games this week, both against chaos, I used the Imperial Guard.
The first battle was an infantry platoon (40 strong) with armoured support in the jungle. As the patrol investigated a temple by the river, daemonic forces began to appear.
The Wolf Pack (my chimera-mounted vets) were able to secure the forward objective early in the game, which brought the attention of a few daemonettes.
The Wolf Pack lasted three turns of combat with the daemonettes, holding out until the second wave of infantry crossed the river. Then the mushroom-man came...
With the objective lost (save two grenade launcher specialist tied up in combat with a herald, sadly nobody could kill each other), a third wave was sent as the guns took aim. The mushroom intercepted the third wave, killing guardsmen in the waters.
In the end, the game was a tactical draw, as the other objective was assaulted by flamers and fiends (with a greater daemon just across the river), but held.
The other game played involved the Scream-Killers and Slaaneshi Daemons in an urban warzone. The Imperium responded with an armoured assault supervised by Witch Hunter Jack Daniels. (Yes, ogryns popping out of a sewer marker....)
We were playing the "plant the flag" scenario, which meant we both had to get around the board. As it turned out both sides chose the sewer markers and combat engineers strategems, providing 8 markers total!
The aircraft, a Valkerie and Vulcher, did their usual terror tactics (buzzing the front lines with multiple missle pods), and the non-scoring units attempting to get in the way and cause as much damage as possible.
Part of my plan was to make sure everybody had a buddy, which worked quite well. Squads of infantry ploughed behind hellhounds and the punisher, clearing building of heretical taint.
It was the first battle for the Punisher, who did quite well until a daemon prince tore it apart. Maybe it will get it's battle honours next time...
So thanks to my opponents for the great games! Until next time...
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