Frankie, Now In Color!

Well, it has been a while, (perhaps too long) but I finally finished painting Frankie. For those of you who haven't met, Frankie is a Slaughterfex who enjoys long walks and roasting guardsmen on tank-fires.
He turned out quite vibrant, thanks to the orange and green (I think). It is tempting to do a whole brood of these guys...
I will likely do sculpting and painting tutorials when I do the next batch of gaunts. Who wouldn't want to know how to make pustules!?
On the horizon is a Tyrannofex (mostly because I like the name, very monster-movie), to add the shooting to Frankie's combat. He will most likely be made from tyrgon, old carnefex and plastic carnefex bitz. Due to the beast having six wounds (same with the tervigon) it will be mounted on a large oval, it seems more fitting.
Due to the recent changes with the Hive Mind (read: Codex) I have began working on Fester, the Hive Tyrant, in order to get these guys on a battlefield.
Once again, be well (and beware the talons),
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