Flesh Tearer Update

Space Hulk Terminators = awesome.
I am quite enjoying these guys, looking forward to more.
The OSL is turning out ok, well I think so...
The color palette suits me well, the blue really helps to brighten up the models.
These are terminators number 2 and 3. The plan is to finish the first five then move on to the Sanguinary Priest and back to the termies.

The Land Raider Crusader was the only model sent to me unassembled, so I put it together (I can't stand having an unbuilt tank in my house).
I suspect that this beastie will be carrying termies (or some important guy) so it got a couple crux terminatii (?) and a couple of the large plates.
The metal hurricanes are a pain, but they do have some really nice armour plates. The answer? The Mk I.V hurricane bolters!
Until next round...
be well.
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