A Dead Couch and Broadsides

That couch was huge, heavy and uncomfortable. So I butchered it with a hammer Samalander helped), complete obliteration.
And that is why there wasn't much hobby done, but life is back to 'normal' around here now (albeit with more space!) Now on to pictures of models....
My first two broadsides got themselves finished last week, along with a couple of shield drones for back-up. This is Camo Team, which is still waiting for Camo Leader to get bought and converted.
I have to say, I love painting tau! Smooth lines, some nice sharp angles, and a distinct space/military feel make this army easy on the eyes.
Here is a shot of the gun. The thingy on top is a recoil dampener, not certain it is needed, but looks the part.
They are both upgraded with the thing that allows them to fire both guns, more shooty the better!
The gun drones are an all plastic, simple conversion. A couple of field emitters (pulse rifles) replacing the guns.
I think it gives them the same feel as the "dragonflies" that were causing such a fuss down in California.
And.....the other one!
I liked the swept-back look to the missile launchers, in fact, I tried to copy the forge world design as much as I could. Cause it looks cool and I never took to the shoulder-mounted guns (not gundam enough).
Now the dust has settled, it is back on the brush!
Until next round, keep painting, and be well!
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