Sat 7 - Number Fifteen and Sixteen

Last week I was burning up, so this week I am doubling up! These weeks there were a bunch of things that caught my eye, and here they are;

-Corbania's Field Ambulance Squadron.
-Some lasgun conversions from AJ's Gaming World.
-Some Massive Voodoo, the Arkvenger.
-Rictus has been going to town on some killa cans.
-Over at Winterdyne the Hordes diorama is done (and looks great).
-The Magnificent Bastards show off a mining drill.
-Zen 40,000 has one hell of a Slaughtermaster.
-Rust and the City has been working on some renegades, and they are looking awesome!
-Daughter of the Emperor finished up a sweet steampunk picnic.
-DFG shows us CVinton's contemptor (I feel sorry for the Thousand Sons...)
-Wulfweb's clockwork planet idea is so getting stolen!
-And a Fey Hunter from those Magnificent Bastards.

That concludes the Sat 7 for this week, there is some really awesome stuff in there!

What am I reading, (which will show up here often):
Alistair Reynolds - Pushing Ice.
I have read a bunch of his other books and I can't say enough good things about him. I just started this one, which takes place outside his standard timeline, much closer to our age (most of the others take place in the further future). Reynolds writes some of the best SF I have ever seen, highly recommended!

Until next round, be well.
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