The Sunstorm Project - Crystals of Doom

Getting back to the Sunstorm Project, at last. The first post started off the hull designs (here).
The designs were highlighted with hawk turquoise. With the fins, only the upper half is highlighted to turquoise, the bottom left green, the same is done on the sunstorm rune.
Here's a top-down view of the triangle and intersecting diamond pattern. Each tank has the craftworld's rune 'sliding' off the hull.
The green is then highlighted with camo green, just on the edges, but including the designs. Then (although somehow I missed getting a shot of it), highlight the turqoise with ice blue/hawk turquoise.
Next up is the prism cannon's crystal(s). I started off with a base of scab red, then filled it out with red gore. The forward ends of the prisms were highlighted with warlock purple, and the backs with blood red. The purple was then brought up more with a mix of warlock/skull white. Extreme highlighting was done with space wolf grey (purple) and solar orange (red). The crystals were then given a baal red wash. The white 'shine' dots will be added at the same time as the gems (at a much later date).
Next up, the crew.
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