A Day in the Life of Adept Majoris Phoboes (2)

Adept Majoris Phoboes stood behind his artillery and watched the heretics approach. Skold, the stormsword at his disposal, threw a massive shell into the chaos marines, the rest of the Imperial guns followed suit.
The ogryn servitors charged towards the enemy lines tearing at heretics while artillery rained overhead. Phoboes received a incoherent message about the fluctuations in the warp, but the arrival of a large chaos host would do that.
The walkers on the left flank were being held off by the lascannon-armed sentinels and the line seemed to be holding. As the ogryns threw berserkers around, the techpriest calculated his odds. As long as he had Skold, the ogryns, and that Artios could hold the Choir together, they stood a really good chance at surviving.
But the daemon prince known as Mr. Huggy repelled the ogryn assault, killing them all. To make things worse, Artios was reported to be on his knees vomiting. Then, looking up from his auspex, he noticed the jetbikes. The eldar were here to defend their ruins. He watched as a troupe of brightly colored eldar bounced off one of the chaos walkers, as each landed a weapon would hit the ground at the same time, within seconds it was an invalid.
Crimson II, one of the forward squads, was targeted by a handful of the hardest of the heretics. They were shot at by the quadraped and Mr. Spikey (a defiler), leaving only the commissar and sergeant alive after the smoke cleared.
Sgt. Owen was found wanting in the face of such trivial odds and executed moments before the commissar's evisceration.
Behind the front line a trio of obliterators teleported behind Skold and they threw everything they had at the super heavy tank. Without any other support, Phoboes prepared to discourage them strongly with his servitors.
The xenos allies were regaining the left flank along with the Imperials. Artios was ordering the 609th to avoid shooting the aliens, who were complying the best they could. The chaos forces were being bolstered by daemon princes and lesser beasts and even a greater daemon. The daemonic presence made the xenos almost encouraging. The Primaris said the farseer was in communication with him, and that they were here to assist the Imperial defense.
On the right flank, the Wolf Pack had engaged the greater daemon with plasma. Even with most of its body molten warp-goo, the creature still managed to assault the veterans, killing over half of them in hand to hand combat. Yelling his usual assortment of obscenities, Vet. Sgt. Huckish pounded the overgrown chaos spawn back to the warp.
The obliterators managed to stun the storrmsword, keeping the massive tank between them and the loyal servant of Mars a little longer. Te extra time they bought themselves won them nothing at all.
The quadraped was digging into the Imperial line, it was constantly shrugging off shells from the medusa and was assaulting the center line. On the left flank, the Wolf Pack was preparing to banish another daemon prince. Opposite from them, the farseer was leading an assault on Dragger himself.
To be continued....
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