Even Zombies Have Doctors

This is the model that made me want to paint Warmachine. She is so elegant and necromantic. Her nonchalant pose in difference to the undead around her. Her obsession with reanimation.
Although, I admit there is a techpriest deep within me which made the third arm seem too asymmetrical, a fourth arm was needed. She is very thin and detailed, so I made the arm from the smallest rod I had around and a paperclip. A plasticard blade was then added to the end.
I am always amused by the many different tools and materials used in the building of models. With her I used a pin vice, set of needle files, crochet netting, "sidewalk" groove plasticard, epoxy putty, a paper clip, guitar wire, an empty pencil and a sculpting tool.
A piece of guitar wire was added to give it that augmented feeling and bulk it out more. Putty was added to the arm, venting on the blade and connecting the wire to the arm. The pencil was used to make rivet-like impressions in the putty, while a paperclip was used to poke the holes in the venting.
Ah! The sun!!
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