Space Hulk Flesh Tearer

The first of many (12?) terminators for the growing Flesh Tearer army. You can see the rest of the first five in the background along with the assault squad. (They are getting there...)
These guys are pretty sweet, a ton of purity seals along with oodles of details, then add some brass etches. I have got to thank Tristan for letting me paint these guys! Since the "glowy hand of doom" and chainblade went over well, these guys are going to have some osl and hazard stripes too.
Bases aren't done yet (they are magnetized!), they will be done at the same time. Going to make this post short, must get on the other four!
To see the first post on these guys go here. And I have to give props to Ron for his tutorial and great-looking Flesh Tearers that he is doing, both inspiring and insightful.
That's it for today, until next round...
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