Wraith Engine - The Unboxing

It arrived, the Wraith Engine. I resisted as long as I could (about two days) but I couldn't stand the screaming. Here he is all washed up.
Looking over the model, it looked pretty crisp and clean. Lots of vents and paper-thin flash, but nothing to drastic. The largest chunks are on the inside of the rib pieces, not nearly as big as FW vents.
There was a piece broken (the resin is very brittle and hard and has little to no give). It is a small break, and fixable.
One piece is miscast, the tail, by almost a millimeter. I will have to carve it down a bit, hopefully I wont take out any detail. What strikes me as odd is the amount of the model that touches the base, (that would be the circular chunk on the tail), it is about the same size as a regular base and very thin.

The first thing to do is the cd-sized base, until then!
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