Wraith Engine - Underparts

You can't see it, but the bits under the Wraith Engine's ribs are done. (You can't see it because my camera is not as awesome as this model). Painting is a little slow, but I am taking my time (and "work" keeps getting in the way).
This is a piece of art in my house. It is painted by me during Camp Awesome: Cabin Edition, and is titled "Continuation". Off topic, but it will happen more often...
I must apologize, I called the rules "meh" in my last post, that was a bit hasty. After reading this post on BoLS, I decided to re-think my thoughts. The main thing that comes up is soul-harvesting, it will be hard to share when there is few on the table. Not having to use focus (right?) is really nice, for guys like Asphixious, makes me want to pair it with a seether...
Next stage is the black-blue armor plates...until then, be well.
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