Warp Wednesday 29: Steamtown

Gather, thralls and flesh-creatures, to listen to the story of Steamtown. It was not always the thriving necropolis it is today.
In 527AR, a group of prospectors from Cygnar located rich iron deposits within a hill westward of Blindwater. A small settlement was erected, and then grew, upon this hill. Soon, the settlement became a town and grew with industrial purpose. This town was named Steamtown.
The mines reached deeper into the hill. The deeper they dug, the thicker the bands of iron they found. They also began to run into sulfur pockets, which were both harmful and volatile. Although miners were falling ill, and fatal detonations began to be common, the mining continued.
Steamtown's morgue was run by a woman named Lilian, or Lily, and other than the gravedigger she worked alone. No one noticed the bodies go missing, with each of them assigned for cremation, it was almost too easy.
At the height of Steamtown's mortal life it provided great amounts of raw iron to the Cygnar capital. Being between two outposts, Steamtown's popularity with the kingdom grew, and dignitaries were sent into the Thornwood. Of course, Cygnar was not the only one who noticed the mines.
Lily was haunted by a being known to her only as Skar, who apparently was an emissary of his creator. Skar taught the mortician his master's lore of animation, Lilyy seemed to know half of the lessons already. When the delegation was set to arrive, Skar told her it was the time.
Ceremonies took place in a Steamtown glazed over with ornaments and streamers. The day was filled with cheers and speeches, while the evening was set to revelry. As Steamtown fell into a drunken sleep the morgue's doors opened and Lily began a stroll into town. Behind her came the town's dead.
Her thralls were crude creatures, just shambling automata bound to her will. Each of these zombies was built to contain a measure of sulfur and a mechanikal device. Lily was only one to watch the sun rise, but she had other things to do than watch the sun.
After her work was done, the townsfolk standing an undying guard inside the mines, she left. As agreed, Lily followed Skar to the Nightmare Empire, and was presented to Asphixious. She managed to stay in his favor, as his necrosurgeon, until his move to the mainland. She led the iron lich to the mines of her former life.
She saw that Steamtown had been repaired, likely by Khadorians, and then abandoned again. It was changed, but Skar and her were back home. The iron lich saw a more practical view. He ordered an underground complex made with mines and 'jack factory, it is called Helzforge.
Steamtown's ruins remain, picked clean and boobytrapped. The streets are infested by Lily's creations and the testing grounds for newly minted helljacks. Nice place to spend one's unlife.
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