Caution: Necromechanics in Progress

Things have been dark and cold out here, so I figured that raising the undead would be appropriate. Here are some WIP shots of the slowly growing Cryx force that lurks on my shelf.
They will count as 'mechani-thralls', and there is probably more to come after this, but I call them steam-zombies. I chose to start with the minimum unit size, which is six. Along with this unit I also have two brute-thralls to add in and another four steam zombies to make after.
These zombies are made from Warhammer zombies, with their hands cut off, attached to Warmachine bases. New hands, as well as the occasional leg or arm, were made from plastic tubes and rods (from the friendly neighborhood model train store). Once that was finished, guitar wire was glued on, then some putty to plug the wires into the hands and create furnaces.
While the putty was wet, more tubes were added to make smoke stacks. I cut some of them at angles to emulate the Cryxian style. It might be the grins, but they do seem happy.
Ah, yes. The Iron Lich. He accumulates paint very slowly, maybe I just like him on the painting table...
I am tempted to paint the same tone of red that Deneghra has on his hood and skirt...err....robe. Hmmmm.....hopefully this will get me painting him again...
Beware of clones,
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