Warp Wednesday Fifteen: The Return

Happy Wednesday, it's been a while, but once again it is Wednesday in the warp. It is a bit winterly in the warp today, Tzeentch's work, I'm sure of it.
Some of you may have noticed a poll (up near the top of the page) about who to bring to GottaCon this year. Sorry folks, the guard are out this year, they fought last year.
As many of you know, GottaCon is a gaming convention on our little frozen island, and since last year was so good I am gladly going again. This time there is a painting competition sponsored by Dice Bag Games, in addition to all the other shenanigans.
The easiest question is which army to bring to the 40k tournament. It honestly boils down to: a) eldar that might win some games, look neat, and is all painted, or b) tyranids that still need 50 points of work, have barely been played, and is entirely modified.
I often hear about awards that get handed out at the end of a tournament, and I don't have any, I have different goals in competitive play. I try to get good scores, specifically sportsmanship and showmanship, but those are secondary. I play in tournaments because it is a chance to play against new opponents with amazing armies.
In short, I get to play AND drool.
There is the problem that, if I bring Hive Fester, using swarm armies at tournaments might cause some to cry fowl, and possibly slow down the game to much.
On a side note, those of you who read WW's, I am curious as to what you want to read about. Background of the armies? Hobby stuff? Insane, barely wargaming-associated rants? Reviews? What blog I read that was way too awesome? My lunch menu? Or do you just look at the pictures (that's cool too)...
Well, as I have said before, it is good to be back blogging. It is even better to have the limitless inspiration of the other blogs I follow, I missed you guys.
Yup, still snowing (and I thought we were tropical...)
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