Red is my favorite color, but oddly, I have no red-themed armies... So I pulled Deneghra off the Wall of Shame and applied many reds.At first she was not a planned part of my Cryxian Legion (since she is not an iron lich), but even liches like some feminine company. That, and she comes in the battlegroup set. And third, and possibly the most motivational, Sheffield Irregulars' theme this month is red. So, with two weeks to finish her, I put brush to model.
I began with her skin, using light dull-grey blues. I then picked out the major red areas using Privateer's shading techniques from the rulebook. The dark grey-blue of the armor is to tie her in with the rest of the legion. I always paint metallics last, and Deneghra's metal I washed with red and devlan mud before highlighting with mithril.
If I was a steam-powered zombie, I would follow her around.
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