A Day in the Life of an Ankle Biter

Mr. Huggy and some of his Black Legion had stumbled upon a infestation of tyranids from Hive Fester last Sunday. Squiggly-face began the long float from the far right corner along with Franky and the ankle-biters (aka rippers).
Mr. Huggy began with the termagaunts, killing them all. The Quadruped moved towards Franky, completely ignoring the ankle-biters who were much relieved.
While Franky and Qudruped traded blows, and the ankle-biters slithered towards the terminators, the Triplets floated forwards. Except for their initial warp lances at Quarduped, the marines continued to back off keeping themselves out of range, they were getting frustrated.
Once finished with the gaunts, Mr. Huggy set about ripping apart the warriors behind them. The Black Legion must have realized that this was not where they wanted to hang around, as the swarm slithered and skipped towards them they dug into what cover they could.
Franky had eviscerated the clawed chaos robot and wandered over to help out his little ripper buddies with the terminators. As terminators are wont to do, they were holding their line nicely until a monstrous death-beast arrived.
Franky was regenerating his wounds he got from the robot (shrapnel I guess) and tearing apart a couple of terminators, even those berserkers didn't worry him much. The problem was, Mr. Huggy had finished off the warriors and counter-attacked Franky, causing enough wounds for the skull-taker's powerfist to finish off the monster. The rippers went nuts, as Franky died the little buggers killed a terminator AND Mr.Huggy. Never trust a poisonous worm-thing.
The Triplets got in range to give the chaos marines large globs of warp energy. The three of them melting marines, and Fester approaching and spitting death, caused the chaos filth to change tactics slightly. They were on full defensive now.
Fester began pinning down the fire-support squad, while the Triplets blasted anything not in combat with ankle-biters. (Those little freaks lasted over three full turns of combat, with terminators....poisonous rippers are awesome.)
Sadly, the little ankle-biters couldn't get past the terminators and nibble on the other marines. The Black Legion still had enough numbers to seize a victory (or a tactical retreat as the case may be) and won the battle. Until next time crunchy chaos snacks!
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