Necromancy and Paint

There is a blight upon everyone's paints; drying out. Dead paint. This particular can is in that gooey-stringy gross stage, perfect for a touch of necromancy!
With my lovely assistant Deneghra, *applause*, we will summon a jar of acrylic matte medium. In this case, the gods of Liquitex have answered my summons. "Matte" simply means "not shiny", if gloss is used, the paint will become shiny. Up to you really.
Mix two parts paint, on part medium to a really gooey can, or just a couple drops to a can that is starting to 'go over to the thick side'. Stir, then summon zombies to shake the can for a minute or two. (Further use of zombies is up to your imagination, I use them to carry me around.)
And, hopefully, the paint will be revived. After testing this on a couple of different paints (the GW kind), I noticed that often the paint becomes smoother and easier to deal with. This magical potion can also be used to thin down paint to make glazes, or thicken a wash or ink, and as a matte varnish.

Time to deal with those zombies,
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