A Day in the Life of Zaras, Part 2

Zaras' day wasn't quite over, the next battle at the bridge began with a spectacular explosion courtesy of a vindicator. Mr. Huggy took notice and attempted to smash the grav tank, to no avail.
So, Zaras picked up the dragons and headed towards the incoming dreadnought. Meanwhile, as berserkers and other such nasties came over the bridge, the deamon prince was gunned down.
Far from almost everyone, a squad of striking scorpions had finished off a squad of Black Legion, only to be assaulted (and killed) by the "quadraped".
Arriving with the terminators, the chaos sorceror turned one of the rangers into a spawn, life began to suck for them. Then they died.
But Zaras was headed off to the other fight that was brewing. The dire avangers were taking on the terminators, but the chaos dread' was still incoming. The aspect warriors managed quite a few wounds, with the terminators saving all of them. D'oh.
The dreadnought seemed indestructible, but not all too deadly against grav tanks.
Jetbikes were incoming, dealing with the deamons and berserkers behind the sorceror, Zaras deployed the dragons on the dreadnought. The two grav tanks gave cover fire as they destroyed it.
The sorceror killed the farseer and his dire avengers, with no terminators remaining, while the dread's explosion left the exarch alone. With no scoring units on either side the battle was a draw.

That was a long day,
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